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A. N. Satyanesan resided in Amaravila, Neyyattinkara, Trivandrum.
He relocated to Nandavanam, Palayam, Trivandrum in 1932.

He became an associate member of the L. M. S. Church (present C.S.I. MM Church, Trivandrum). He along with his wife, Jessie Satyanesan, children J. S. Satyadas and J. S. Satyanatha Bose in 1932, took official baptism into the church. Together they have ten children. (Picture: Satyanesanclan)

A. N. Satyanesan was the Editor of Bharathi Paper, Owner of Kerala Vilasom Press from September 1937 until his death on 19th November 1954. He was also the owner of KCC Bus service during his lifetime.

His wife, Jessie Satyanesan predeceased him (due to cancer) on 10th July 1952. she was known to be a school teacher in a school in Kannanmoola, Trivandrum.

Satyanesan Clan Family Tree

Prominent Roles by J. S. Children

Dr. J. S. Satyadas was a Assistant Professor in General Medicine, Medical College, Trivandrum and Superintendent, Medical College, Kottayam in Kerala, India. KGMCTA is the association of doctors working in the Government Medical Colleges of Kerala, India. The Association was started by Dr.J.S.Satyadas at Kottayam in 1968
His wife, Dr. Mary Satyadas, was a professor of pharmacology and daughter of Joseph Mundassery.
J. S. Satyanatha Bose was an engineer who worked in Primo Pipe Factory in Kollam, Kerala.
J. S. Lily Florence was the Additional Director of National Savings, Trivandrum. Her husband, S. R. Franklin was a partner of Fibrite Fisheries, Cochin, Kerala, India
Dr. J. S. Jasmine is MBBS, Pediatrician and has also worked with AIIMS, New Delhi. Her husband, Late C. T. George was Retd, Deputy Director, Intelligence Bureau, New Delhi
J. S. Stanly was councilor, Kadakampally Ward, Trivandrum. He has also undertaken role as Mayor, Corporation Of Trivandrum, Kerala. His wife, Molly Stanly was councilor Kaudiar Ward, Trivandrum.
Juliet Josephus worked as English teacher in Christ Nagar School. Her husband, E. S. Josephus was a Professor in Mathematics.
Dr. Jamila Babu worked as a Gynecologist in UAE

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